The memorial house for Toše Proeski in Gumenje in Krushevo was opened on April 25, 2011.

The investor of the project is the Ministry of Culture and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

The memorial house represents a monument to a man, a symbol, a character with values, a memory of one of the most striking figures in recent Macedonian history.

The memorial house represents the materialization of the entire life path of Toše Proeski and through its contents provides a chronological account of his childhood and teenage years and the period when Toshe reached the peak of his musical and artistic career.

Chronologically, the house is divided into six parts: life path, musical career, everyday life, Toše as a humanist and believer, Toše and the fans, and Toše forever.

The conceptual solution for building a memorial house is the work of the architects Dejan Sekulovski and Dejan Spasenovski, in collaboration with Ilija Bozinovski. For the appearance of the house, the Ministry of Culture announced an international competition in January 2008, where this one, which represents a cross rising from the ground, was chosen from the several conceptual solutions offered.

The house has an area of ​​1460 square meters. NI “Memorial House of Todor Proeski” Kruševo was declared the best architectural work for 2011 at the International Architecture Festival held in Barcelona that same year.

NI “Memorial House of Todor Proeski” Krushevo is also the winner of the big annual award for architecture for 2011 from the association of architects of the Republic of Macedonia.